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أفضل 7 من المكملات الغذائية لشعر صحي

Girl with Dark Colored Hair on Orange Background

2021 ,9 نوفمبر

تبدأ خطوات العناية بالشعر ودعم مظهره الصحي المتألق من الداخل، نظراً لأن العديد من مشاكل الشعر الصحية تنشأ بالأساس عن انخفاض مستويات عنصر -أو عدة عناصر- بالجسم، لذا اكتسبت مُكملات الشعر الغذائية شهرة أوسع وازداد الاعتماد عليها بصورة أكبر خلال الفترات الماضية، خاصة بعدما أثبتت التجارب العملية فعاليتها الفائقة بهذا الصدد.

يقدم Tajmeeli فيما يلي قائمة بمجموعة من أفضل مكملات الشعر المغذية، التي تعمل على تحسين بنيته وتعزيز قوته وتحفيز نموه في آن واحد، كما أنها تنعكس إيجاباً في ذات الوقت على الصحة العامة لاحتوائها على نسب مرتفعة من أهم المغذيات الأساسية.

سبراي تجديد الشعر السريع كوينوبلكس آر-3

يحقق سبراي Quinoaplex R3 Rapid Hair Renewal Formula أثره الصحي عن طريق تعويض الشعر عما يفقده -لأسباب متعددة- من البروتينات، ذلك من خلال مكونه الأساسي وهو جزيئات بروتين الكينوا، المعزز بواسطة مجموعة مستخلصات طبيعية تُعرف فعاليتها في دعم صحة الشعر وأهمها زيت جوز الهند وهلام الصبار ومستخلص البابونج والذرة الحلوة، من أبرز الآثار الإيجابية لتلك التركيبة المغذية ما يلي:


تنشيط الدورة الدموية وإنعاش فروة الرأس.
يحد من تقصف الأطراف.
يزيد قوة الشعر ويُحسن بنيته.
يعزز مرونة الشعر ويسهل التحكم به.
يضفي على الشعر مزيداً من البريق واللمعان.


يحتوي مستحضر Quinoaplex R3 Rapid Hair Renewal Formula على الأحماض الأمينية الثمانية الضرورية لدعم صحة الشعر، كذلك يتميز بأنه آمن تماماً على مختلف أنواع الشعر وهو متاح في عبوات حجم 17 أونصة سائلة (500 مل) وتتمثل خطوات استعماله فيما يلي:


تنظيف الشعر جيداً باستعمال أحد أنواع الشامبو المناسبة.
تقسيم الشعر -بعد التجفيف- ثم رش المنتج عليه.
يُدلك بلطف لضمان توزيعه على مختلف مناطق فروة الرأس.
يترك على الشعر لمدة 15 دقيقة تقريباً قبل شطفه.
يمكن رشه مباشرة على أطراف الشعر بأي وقت للحماية والترطيب.
يوصى باستعماله مرتين على الأقل قبل صبغ الشعر.
يوصى باستعمال المنتج قبل تطبيق منتجات بلسم الشعر وليس بعدها.
يحظر استعماله عقب صبغ الشعر مباشرة ويفضل الانتظار لمدة 2: 3 أيام.


QUINOAPLEX R3 Rapid Hair Renewal Formula 500 mL / 17 fl. oz.



Best hair growth products for men 2020 quinoaplex

Best hair growth products for men 2020: great treatments, tested

Find the best hair growth product for you.

By Lee Bell
09 April 2020

Hair loss is something nearly all men will have to deal with at some point in their lives. How traumatic it can be and the effect it can have on your day-to-day life is often underestimated - which makes finding the best hair growth product for men really important.

According to the most recent report by the The Harley Street Hair Clinic, almost a quarter (24%) of Brits are less likely to date a guy with noticeable hair loss. It’s hardly surprising, then, that hair loss treatments are more popular than ever, with many of those suffering from hair loss doing whatever it takes to hold on to their beloved locks.

There are several causes for hair loss in men. While a lot of it is to do with genetics, other reasons can include hormonal changes, medications, excessive hair styling or even just stress. The most common, though, is a hereditary condition called male-pattern baldness which, unfortunately, has no cure. However, there are still things you can to help put prevent a receding hairline, or at least delay the inevitable.

From thickening and caffeine shampoos to regrowth vitamins, here are some of the best hair growth products currently on the market.

Best hair growth products for men

Best hair growth products for men 2020 2 quinoaplex2. ONC Quinoaplex R3 Rapid Hair Renewal Formula

Who knew quinoa wasn't only a super food? Yep, the amino-acid boosting grain actually works wonders for your hair as well as your tastebuds. ONC’s Quinoaplex R3 works a bit different to other hair regrowth products as it’s targeted to those who colour their hair and is added to the chemical colour solution, either at home or at the salon. Just add a cap full of the hydrolyzed quinoa solution for every 60ml of hair color or bleach and it will give back the protein (Keratin) the hair loses, something which is known to contribute to thinning.

Ed. You can use Quinoaplex as a standalone product too. Not just with hair color. It has many uses.

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Author: allthingsmakeup323

I'm 25 living in a Illinois just trying to live my dreams

Quinoaplex R3 review

I used to dyed and bleached my hair alot in the past so I have had some slight hairloss but using this I have seen a big difference then what it used to be. I can see in some spots on where it’s growing back because of this. Like some products I have used before there isn’t an overpowering smell to it. To me it smells like coconut, which I love. Which also made my hair feel softer then what it was before. Also I love using a little bit in the hair dye while I mixing it so it won’t cause as much damage to my hair.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me, but the opinion is my own.




Here’s Why Quinoa Is Hair Care’s Latest Hack

April 12, 2019

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

* Quinoa doesn’t just taste great, it also does wonders for your hair
* These hair products use the pseudocereal’s beneficial proteins and amino acids
* Options include protective mists, shampoos and hair oils

Known to ancient Incas as the “mother of all grains,” it’s little surprise that quinoa (keen-wah) has seen such an impressive rise in popularity recently. And while much of that rise has been diet related, it’s not exclusively so.

As a supergrain, quinoa is one of the most protein-filled food sources. And these proteins aren’t just good for eating. Numerous parts of the body can benefit from a healthy supply of powerful protein – including your hair. 

Each one of these hair products utilizes quinoa’s impressive array of proteins to deliver care for your hair. This superfood has been shown to deliver shinier, stronger and smoother hair. It can also reduce damage at the same time.

ONC Art of Care Quinoaplex R3 Hair Renewal Formula

With over 90% of Amazon users awarding the ONC Art of Care Quinoaplex R3 Hair Formula with 5 stars, you already know it must be doing something right. The ingredients, which include aloe vera, comfrey, quinoa protein and chamomile, actively work to repair your hair and reduce frizz, preventing split ends and increasing your hair’s general health. As an added bonus to the renewal formula, the quinoa proteins inside this formula have also been shown to to enter the hair shaft to reduce hair thinning in both men and women.

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Looking after your hair with Quinoaplex

3RD APRIL 2019

Looking after your hair with Quinoaplex 1

What is this quinoaplex I hear you ask? Well all is to be revealed. It is an innovative product from the USA that makes your hair healthier and has a rapid hair renewal formula too. Did you know your hair is about 85% protein? This protein is lost through colouring, sun, sea and over styling. Quinoaplex helps to naturally add the protein back into your hair.

My hair has always been a little rough. It is hard to maintain if I do not attack it with my ceramic hair straighteners. But using hair straighteners everyday is not doing it any good, in fact it’s making it worse – I get split ends quite frequently. Then, when I had the children my hair started to fall out and it changed quite dramatically. Before I had the children it was a lot thicker, it didn’t seem as frail either. I feel like I shed a lot of hair throughout pregnancy and it just didn’t get any better.

I have always been very lucky with my hair as my Uncle owns a very lovely hair Salon in East Molesey, they have looked after my hair since I was a teenager and I love going down there to be pampered. So does Isla too! I also get to see my Uncle which is nice. But I do not get down there as much as I used to, since I have had the children. It’s not as easy to up sticks and go to Surrey for the day, as it’s quite a drive. I needed a treatment that I could continue to use in-between hair salon appointments.

Then, I found out about Quinoaplex. My Uncle gave it the thumbs up, so I thought I would try it. The formula in Quinoaplex is made up of Quinoa as the protein composition is almost identical to our hair. It helps to regenerate hair and to repair it. My hair does feel very shiny and smooth since I have been using it. I also haven’t needed to straighten my hair every single morning too – so that’s saying something.

Looking after your hair with Quinoaplex 2

It has come all the way over from the USA and used in hair salons across the world. The idea is you use an amount that fits in the palm of your hand, use it after you have shampooed your hair. Towel dry and massage on the treatment. Try to leave it on for as long as you can, around 10-15 minutes is great. Wash it off and use a conditioner (this is what I do), then style your hair as normal. After a week of using the product I could feel a difference. As mentioned above, my hair felt stronger and smoother.

What treatments do you use on your hair? I would love to know on social media: @mummyconstant.


W E L L W E L L AND G O O D blog logo  G O O D 


By Rachel Lapidos 2018

This Ancient Grain Could Seriously Strengthen Your Hair Article Image Of Girl Standing Against A Fence With Healthy Hair

Photo: Stocksy/Good Vibrations Images

The ancient grain you know and love as quinoa is basically OG superfood status at this point. It’s undoubtedly in your go-to salad, lunch bowl, or dinner recipe due to its nutritional prowess—so, at a time when beauty labels are starting to be as clean as (healthy) nutrition labels, it comes as no surprise that the power grain is making its way to your personal care regimen. One way to incorporate it? In your hair-care routine.

At a time when beauty labels are starting to be as clean as (healthy) nutrition labels, it comes as no surprise that the power grain is making its way to your personal care regimen.

Take it from Boyce Clark, Ph.D., a biogeochemist-slash-single parent with a 12-year-old daughter who constantly struggled with frizzy hair. “A friend suggested a keratin straightening treatment, but when I saw it uses formaldehyde, that wasn’t something I was comfortable putting on my daughter,” he says.

So he did what any chemistry-savvy dad would do: Concocted a solution himself. Turns out the key ingredient for smooth, healthy hair was the power grain you know and love as quinoa. Makes sense, when you think about it (it’s a protein, after all).

Keep reading to see how the superfood helps your locks.

This Ancient Grain Could Seriously Strengthen Your Hair Article Image Of Girl With Long Red Hair Smiling At The Camera

Photo: Stocksy/Lucas Ottone

The power of quinoa

Protein is a key factor in your own hair’s strength. Your strands are made out of keratin, which is a protein (in case you missed that in science class) so reinforcing it with another protein helps keep it strong.

“Quinoa is strengthening and moisturizing due to the amino acids content,” says Ginger King, a cosmetic chemist. “Amino acids are the building blocks of cells, so it’s essential for both skin and hair to function. It’s like nutritional supplements.”

Dr. Clark discovered it’s beneficial for hair once he saw how well it smoothed his daughter’s hair. “What I learned is that hair frizzes because moisture absorbs into the strands and then they swell,” he says. So he zeroed in on the power duo of quinoa and glycolic acid (the latter prevents your keratin from being able to absorb water and stave off the swell).

“Quinoa proteins add strength and protection to your hair.”

“Quinoa proteins add strength and protection to your hair,” says Dr. Clark. “Since the grain has the highest concentration of protein than any other grain, and it has [some of the] essential amino acids that your body can’t make on its own. When you walk around and let sunlight and oxygen interact with your strands, the outer layer of your hair becomes damaged—and the amino acids of quinoa match the natural keratin and fill in the gaps from that damage.”

He adds that the quinoa in products are hydrolyzed, which means they’ve been chemically cut into smaller pieces via enzymes. “The quinoa’s chopped up to the point where it matches perfectly with the keratin in your hair,” Dr. Clark explains. “So it’s really efficient when it comes to repair.”

Not only is it a superstar strengthener and smoothing VIP, but it’s good for your color as well. “Quinoa’s an antioxidant, which could help prevent your color from fading,” says King. Well, I don’t know about you, but the grain is no longer going to only be found in my lunch.

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Monday, June 4, 2018

Quinoaplex R3 Rapid Hair Renewal Formula: Product Review

Quinoaplex R3 Rapid Hair Renewal Formula: Product Review

I am a protein junkie. I used to be a carb junkie but over the past 6 or so years that's changed dramatically. I don't know why exactly, but I suspect its because of the shift in my workouts from more cardio to more strength based. I think my body is just craving what it needs.

Apparently my hair needs protein too...

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Your Best Hair Now

MAY 14, 2018


Another hair product that uses the protein power of quinoa is Quinoaplex by ONC! This is a treatment you can use once and immediately see an improvement. Everyone who colors their hair would be wise to use this, so that hair stays strong.

This product transforms hair when hydrolyzed and molecules are then small enough to get through the cuticles of the hair to penetrate into the hair shaft.

Quinoaplex protects hair from...

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Restore Damaged Hair | Quinoaplex R3 Rapid Hair Renewal Review

Friday, April 27, 2018

Quinoaplex R3 Rapid Hair Renewal Formula- 50ml

Featured Product:
Quinoaplex R3 Rapid Hair Renewal Formula- 50ml / $29.95

I received Quinoaplex R3 for review consideration. This product is hair treatment that is supposed to repair and rebuild damaged hair. Since my hair is bleached, colour-treated, and damaged, I was excited to try this product but a little nervous as I had never heard of this product before...

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March 1, 2018 | WellnessPatterns

It’s pretty wild how everything from our bodies to our skin changes as we age. Our hair also undergoes many changes through life, which can cause it to thin out, go gray and even fall out. While these ailments aren’t fun, there are a few things you can do do help give your mane the ‘boost’ that it needs...

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FEB 26, 2018

Product Review: Try New, Natural Beauty Products

Posted In: Beauty, Product Reviews

Cupid's Pulse Product Review: Try New, Natural Beauty Products | Girl Looking in Mirror

Beauty. Photo: chaoss /

By Jessica Gomez

We’ve got your back with great product reviews! Natural products may be the way to go. They’re extremely good for you; they aren’t harsh, are good for the environment, and are usually cruelty-free. We are always on the prowl for innovative products that are effective, won’t irritate us, and that have a natural, fresh fragrance.

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