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How to use QUINOAPLEX R3 Hair Repair with natural quinoa protein. Hair is 85% protein. Hair loses its protein through coloring, bleaching, sun, sea, and over-styling. This damages hair. The result is hair breakage and thinning hair. Quinoa protein has small molecules. They are small enough to go in to the hair shaft. To repair hair. This slows hair thinning for men and women. Hair looks and feels thicker and fuller.

Why is QUINOAPLEX R3 good for me?

  • Keeps hair healthier before and after coloring or bleaching
  • Refreshes scalp activating circulation
  • Prevents split ends and improves strength
  • Increases elasticity and manageability
  • Builds volume for easier styling
  • Increases gloss for healthier looking hair
  • Restores protein, vitamins, and all eight amino acids essential for healthy hair
  • Suitable for all hair types

How does QUINOAPLEX R3 work its magic?

Hydrolyzed quinoa protein's molecules are smaller than other proteins. So they can get in to the hair easier. Hydrolyzed quinoa protein and the protein make-up of hair and nails is almost the same. So when the natural quinoa protein in QUINOAPLEX R3 and the natural protein in your hair come together they join. Once inside the hair, the hair’s natural acid and salt oxidize the hydrolyzed quinoa protein in QUINOAPLEX R3. So it swells up. This gives the hair more volume. Because it is swollen it cannot come out of the hair. This does not happen with other products. They need #2 and #3 treatments to keep their product in the hair.

What does hydrolyzed mean?

To hydrolyze something is to break it down with water. The water breaks into two parts, hydroxide and hydrogen. These parts have opposite charges. One negative, the other positive. This aids digestion, but has astounding results for hair treatments too.

When hydrolysis occurs complete proteins break down into their individual amino acid parts.

What's left is a unique profile of individual amino acids ready to get to work. This team of building blocks penetrates the hair better than other plant proteins.

This is key to why hydrolyzed ingredients are so effective. ONC use hydrolyzed ingredients throughout its products.

How do I use QUINOAPLEX R3?

Use at least two times  before coloring or bleaching hair. Hair takes and holds color better. There is less damage from the color or bleach. Color lasts longer. Hydrolyzed quinoa reduces damage by up to 32%. Use regularly between shampoo and conditioner for visibly glossier more vibrant hair. Hydrolyzed quinoa provides up to 51% shinier, smoother, stronger more manageable hair. Use for uncolored hair when it is distressed and dry from over-styling, sun, sea, chlorine, drying winds, and city pollution. QUINOAPLEX R3 is the perfect single substitute for all other 'plexes'.

Use QUINOAPLEX R3 on its own, as part of the ONC Care System, or with chemical* colors.

* For the health of our customers ONC do not endorse the use of full chemical color. But if you must. QUINOAPLEX R3 will help keep your hair healthier.

1-Step Process

One product, one bottle, one easy step to leave hair healthier, restored and full of shine!

Restore Protein

On the Go (1 min) Spray on to hair ends anytime. Go!

Quick (5 min) Shampoo hair. Towel dry. Spray in to hair. Section the hair as it is used. Massage to lather. (Protects hair more if it is not rinsed.)

Regular (10-15 min) Shampoo hair. Towel dry. Spray in to hair. Section the hair as it is used. Massage to lather. Wait 10-15 min. Rinse. (Rinsing is optional.)

Pro (15-20 min) Shampoo hair. Towel dry. Spray in to hair. Section the hair as it is used. Massage to lather. Wait 10-15 min. Rinse. Use conditioner. Wait 5 min. Rinse. 

  • QUINOAPLEX R3 instantly reverses damage, reviving hair leaving it radiant

Oily Hair Treatment

Section the hair. Spray on to roots. Wait 10 min. Rinse. 

  • QUINOAPLEX R3 helps reduce oil at the roots. and improve circulation to the hair follicle. Slows hair thinning for men and women. Hair looks and feels thicker and fuller. 


You can take QUINOAPLEX R3 to your colorist or stylist and ask them to add 0.25 fl. oz. (8 mL) to your color or bleach. It will work with all products. It will not interfere with or change your color. It will make a big difference to the result.

  • QUINOAPLEX R3 helps reduce damage from full chemical color. Hair stays healthier, reducing itchiness during use. Gives color long-lasting shine. 


 Use before conditioner NOT after conditioner, or it will not work. 
 Do not use immediately after hair coloring. Wait 2-3 days. 
 Do not overuse on thick hair. 

Contains certified organic ingredients including quinoa protein and aloe vera.

Free from: silicone, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, DEA, and aldehydes.

Store at room temperature 50° F - 80° F.

      Before and After QUINOAPLEX R3

      QUINOAPLEX R3 Before and After 1/4

      QUINOAPLEX R3 Before and After 2/4

      QUINOAPLEX R3 Before and After 3/4

      QUINOAPLEX R3 Before and After 4/4



      Chemical Bond Multiplier


      Builds only one disulfide bond chemically with a patented chemical compound called bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate

      Builds all four main peptide, disulfide, saline, and hydrogen bonds naturally with hydrolyzed quinoa protein


      Replenishes amino acids

      Interferes with coloring and can affect color results

      Does not interfere with coloring or change color. No change to mix or times

      Requires a dual step process in color and lightening applications

      Single step process for color and lightening applications

      Coats hair in a film leaving it feeling plastic-like

      Penetrates hair shaft leaving hair feeling fresh, smooth and natural

      Three chemical products in three formulas for use in multiple chemical services and as a hair treatment

      Single 3-in-1 natural product for use in multiple chemical services and as a hair treatment

      Chemical ingredients including bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate

      Contains natural hydrolyzed quinoa and certified organic ingredients including quinoa protein and aloe vera

      Contains chemicals

      Free from silicone, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, DEA, and aldehydes

      Potentially toxic

      GMO Free. Gluten Free. 


      Not tested on animals 

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