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Sabire Kaya founded eco–friendly ONC out of her passion for using healthier organic products. Sabire’s tenacity and innovation helped grow the company to become a leading brand in organic beauty products now spanning three continents.

First to offer products without parabens (2003), and propylene glycol (2012), ONC’s ethos is product innovation, quality, 360° communications, and in-depth training to deliver high-end products and services. ONC has a proven record of accomplishment with its primary customer – the hair salon.

ONC audit for best manufacturing practice, responsible environmental policies and actively seeks to reduce its carbon footprint.

Championing innovative products with certified organic ingredients since 1993.


Following advances in chemical hair re-bonding, ONC have bettered current offerings on the market with a more powerful product, using all natural re-bonding technology, hydrolyzed quinoa protein and certified organic ingredients.

Hair exposed to daily stress such as, sun, heat, chemical treatments, pollution, and over washing becomes dry, brittle and damaged. QUINOAPLEX R₃ restores bonds and repairs keratin fibers, while infusing proteins and amino acids at the same time.

QUINOAPLEX R₃ penetrates the cortex, to deliver moisture and repairs deep into the hair. One product, one bottle, one easy step in an industry that typically uses, three products, three bottles, and three steps.

QUINOAPLEX R₃ allows salons to retain the same target market while also expanding into the organic sector. Distributors may regain salons that have stopped using chemical re-bonding products with QUINOAPLEX R₃ the unique, natural, organic alternative.

"QUINOAPLEX R₃ is the breakthrough natural organic healing aid, potentially eliminating chemical overload, which will encourage salons and distributors to review their business models.”

– Eric Kaya, President

 QUINOAPLEX R₃ contains certified organic ingredients including quinoa protein and aloe vera. Free from silicone, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, DEA, and aldehydes. Gluten Free. GMO Free. Toxic Free. Suitable for asthmatics. Not tested on animals.

Organic lifestyles are here to stay. Hair professionals can be confident in providing effective, efficient results with ONC natural organic color and care products.

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