Artofcolor BLONDEX Lightening Powder 100 g / 3.5 oz.

SKU: BlondEX3.5

EAN: 8681085501730

  • BLONDEX hair lightening powder with ammonia for professional use only. It lifts virgin hair and previously colored hair to higher levels, removes color, and for highlighting and balayage. Rebuild and nourish while lifting up to seven levels. It contains extracts from lemon peel oil, guar bean protein and hydrating blue granules. These become active when they meet with cream developer and help to protect and hydrate the hair. It lifts evenly without leaving pockets.

    Suitable for: 
    1. Natural / previously colored hair
    2. Lightening / color removal
    3. All highlights / full color applications
  • Professional formula: 
    1. Pharmaceutical grade peroxide as contact lenses and eye drops
    2. Gentle to hair, leaving smooth finish
    3. pH optimized
    4. Less itchy
    5. No dust release
    6. Anti-yellow effect
    7. Ensures reliable, strong, quick lightening
    8. Preferred for better color results
    9. Counteracts unwanted brassy tones
    10. 1:1.5 ratio for flexible mix consistency
  • How to use:  Mix 1 scoop of BLONDEX with 2 scoops of cream developer (1 oz. BLONDEX with 2 oz. 10 vol., 20 vol. or 30 vol.). Decide which volume to use by the darkness and density of hair. Do not to use BLONDEX with 40 vol., especially on the scalp.

    Highlighting and balayage on virgin hair

    BLONDEX contains ammonia; so do not over prepare it. Use it in small amounts for best results, e.g. mix 1 scoop of BLONDEX and 2 scoops of 20 vol. cream developer. This will give the best result. There should not be any residuals of wax, spray and color sprays on the hair before BLONDEX services.

    Highlighting and lightening on colored hair

    Lightening is more difficult on hair that has been colored before. Use BLONDEX for lightening on whole hair or highlighting with foils. Mix BLONDEX according to the base color and health of the hair. Mix one scoop of BLONDEX and two scoops of 20 vol. or 30 vol. cream developer and use on dry hair with or without foils. Process 20-45 minutes to desired level of color. If you want to protect hair more, you can add QUINOAPLEX to BLONDEX prepared as 0.20 fl. oz.-0.33 fl. oz. according to level of damage on hair for extra protection.

    1-2 levels of color lift on colored hair

    When the tone is too dark on colored hair, it is possible to lift 1-2 levels of tone with BLONDEX without damage. First, gently shampoo hair and towel dry. Prepare special mixture with one scoop of BLONDEX, two scoops of 20 vol. cream developer, one scoop of hydrating shampoo, and 0.67 fl. oz. QUINOAPLEX in a bowl. Section hair, use the mixture and gently massage. Process for 30-40 minutes according to condition of hair and result desired. Rinse and lightly shampoo hair. Treat hair with QUINOAPLEX, process for 5 minutes and rinse. Blow-dry hair and then proceed with coloring service.
  • Ingredients: Ammonium persulfate, Sodium silicate, Potassium persulfate, Sodium metasilicate, Sodium stearate, Sodium persulfate, Cyamopsis tetragonoloba, Silica, Magnesium carbonate, Cyclodextrin, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Parfum, d-Limonene, CI 77007.

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