Artofcolor BLONDEX Gentle Hair Bleach 7 Levels Safe On Scalp Pro Salon Quality 500 g / 17.6 oz.


  • BLONDEX the wheat protein based lightening powder. Rebuild and nourish while lifting up to seven levels. Safe to use on scalp. It lifts evenly without leaving pockets. Enriched with certified organic ingredients.

    Suitable for: 
    1. Natural / previously colored hair
    2. Lightening / color removal
    3. All highlights / full color applications
  • Professional formula: 
    1. Pharmaceutical grade peroxide as contact lenses and eye drops
    2. Gentle to hair, leaving smooth finish
    3. pH optimized
    4. Less itchy
    5. No dust release
    6. Anti-yellow effect
    7. Ensures reliable, strong, quick lightening
    8. Preferred for better color results
    9. Counteracts unwanted brassy tones
    10. 1:1.5 ratio for flexible mix consistency
    11. Gluten Free. GMO Free. Toxic Free
    12. Hypoallergenic suitable for asthmatics. Not tested on animals
  • Directions:  As your usual lightening powder.
  • Ingredients: Coming soon...
    *Soil Association Organic Standard
    **Natural & Organic Standard (ECOCERT)

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